15 minute Extreme Full Body Home Workout ( Using just 5 Movements )

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www.sixpackfactory.com brings you this powerful full body home workout. Using just 5 combo movements you will train your full body in just 15 minutes. You will also continue to burn fat long after you have finished this workout due to the afterburn effect that is build into it. If you want to burnfat fast at home then this is a great home workout and all you will need is one set of dumbbells.


PacmansUber says:

in a 2 minute video, HOLY SHIT!

Kerpele1337 says:

He has muscles but he dosent body-build you idiot

msprissy3674 says:

You are the perfect motivator!

velvetpussy says:

So if I understand, it means: first exercise I do 20s, rest, I repart 10s rest, I repeat 20s and 10s and after i go to next exercise etc…?I repeat all 4 times?
If it true, how many sec rest beetween series?

craftwarrior4ever says:

Hi,ive got a problem.My total body fat is 14,1%,my weight is 62 kilos,my height is 175centimeters and i am 14 years old.I train like hell for my abs,eat very healthty,but i still can’t manage to see my lower abs.I am huge fan of ”street fitness”so ive done many dips and because of that i can easily see my upper abs.I can do hard exercises for abdominal muscles,but still i cannot even see them.Can you please give me any advice?Thanks :)

luisjss22 says:

i have 14 years and i do 35 flexs well done

luisjss22 says:

thats my case

luisjss22 says:

a person can have strengh muslcle that arent big

FlyingHippooo says:

lol, a gym instructor with no muscles!

viralavatar says:

no x4 means 4 times. Rest 1 or 2 mins each workout (series)

viralavatar says:

at 2:02 you will find the workout structure

Сасхе Стиков says:

Hey:) Have you thought about the Explosive Muscle Method (do search on google)? My mate says it gets people to increase in strength(:

Emir050788 says:

training just for fat people

velvetpussy says:

It’s 4 minutes rest between each exercises? (sry my english is bad) D:

konkelxlasandrah says:


Doppoganger says:

Damn, so many haters. Unbelievable. First off, try doing the workout as a circuit and i promise you won’t be bitching about how you don’t feel shit when you do this workout. 2nd, if it’s too easy, do 20 or 30 seconds per exercise suggested and instead of doing it 4 times try 6 or 8 times. The purpose is for you to burn fat, not to get all buff in a week. That’s what steroids are for. 😛

faschingijosefinaz says:


mercandenge says:

Is2dJi6YkNs  <—watch

mercandenge says:

Is2dJi6YkNs   <— watching

belvaqchaudhryu says:


belvaqchaudhryu says:


hillarythusemand says:

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sagorkot1 says:

Sup! Have you heard about the Explosive Muscle Method (just google it)? My buddy says it gets people to increase in strength…

jehockey1224 says:

all he’s doing is combing different exercises, which increases margin for error… lol

velvetpussy says:

You think these exercises are useless?

Jess less says:

@krakzer try doing the moves for more time ?? i wonder who’s the faggot here :p

krakzer says:

2min faggot workout

ushmo10 says:

self improvement is masturbation. self destruction on the other hand…

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