Denise Austin: Cardio Fat-Burn Workout

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Denise Austin: Cardio Fat-Burn Workout is designed to raise the heart rate and boost the metabolism for an ultra-effective calorie-burning experience. This series of low intensity cardio exercises are easy on the joints and will sculpt muscle in the legs while toning the entire body. Iconic Trainer, Denise Austin takes you through this aerobic workout that will blast away the pounds and sculpt a fit and toned beach-ready body. For more fat-burning cardio workouts, click here: This workout is from Denise Austin’s DVD “Denise Austin’s Personal Training System”. For full selection of great workouts like this one, visit the BeFit Channel on YouTube: Check us out on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter at: Check us out on Pinterest:


DanieeDG7 says:

moved way way to fast and ithink it would be more affective if she had less moves spent most of the time trying to get the moves down so crappy work out

stanciu diana says:

gosh. they move too fast……….i can’t keep up with it, like seriously….

Kaity228 says:

It was fun, she kept me motivated! :) I also dont normally sweat and I did with this so congradulations!

sophia1727 says:

LOVED this workout…. it was great fun! :-)))))

EmblafromNorway says:

My gosh, Denise, u have put me in the best shape ever.. I do your workouts for 45 minutes everyday, and I find myself enjoying a hard workout for the first time in my life. My body has also changed radically in under a month.. U have such a warm and loving appearance that makes it all so fun!! THANX!!!

BuildingaBetterBody says:

Nice video! Check out my channel for weight loss tips

BrokenAngel151 says:

This low intensity is good for me since my legs are very sore from taekwondo.

kimmop07 says:

First day I do this work out & thanks to you guys I hope to lose at least thirty pounds!(:

BeFit says:

You can do it! You will become stronger and gain more stamina after time!

BeFit says:

Good for you! We love Denise’s positive energy too! It defintely helps motivate a workout to keep up that same attitude!

chirikane says:

I will do 3 videos of yours straight. Well at least .-. I hope I burn some unwanted fats >:O

Renate597 says:

You make work out seems easy and that you are so positive all the time , really makes it easier for me too…Thank you very much!!!*;D*;D*;D

Amina Dahlgren says:

Yes :) I love her she so good.

zizo nana says:

How much calories does these workouts burn plz?

TheElizabeth99 says:

I love this workout! Denise is the BEST! She’s just plain FUN. She’s not intimidating or bossy. More Denise vids pleeeease.

foofa29 says:

awesome workout, just finished it but damn i could barely keep up and i could feel being all sweaty afterwards

JulieRodrigues1 says:

She is just creepy worst workout ever

camplazlo22 says:

I love this work out, it was fun too :)

lovemesomeorli says:

I dont know her, is she known for the smiling trainer?


I know…me 2…lol

vampirita95 says:

She’s so smiley it makes me giggle while i work out xD I love this videos!

campcawaii16 says:

this is such a workout! your body doesn’t need to be in sheer agony to lose weight, and i was sweating and so tired after this one, cause i really used my muscles! thanks SO much! i’m 105 pounds and i’m hoping to get to 90 😀

VitalButterfly says:

Does this really work for fat-burning? It just seems too easy.

Adilson077 says:

Vergonha alheia

shwetaraj1 says:

its an awesome wrkout…i want to burn my belly fat(post pregnancy fat) and tone up my body..

TheBfifty2lmao says:

amazing work out… just tried is and found out just how out of shape i am… barely got to 5 mins, but its a start. saving this vid to my favorites

THEcuteOWL says:

how many calories does this burns?????

strawberrylumps159 says:

pinkus55 oh okay thanks:)

MivMusseStudios says:

you make exercise fun! thanks!

AlexanderSurenos says:

@kicutwu you are correct. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. And my friends are getting really big muscles after using this product. I found this video here ==>

Pinkus55 says:

Flex the abs. She describes it in pilates as zipping up your natural corset. Just keeping the abs firm. Usually through out the entire workout.

strawberrylumps159 says:

what does she mean by ‘is ur tummy in?’? r we supposed to flex our abs or suck it in?

dolliecrave95 says:

how many calories does this burn?

khykhybabc says:

i did the whole thing cant breath (at all!)

natalika2011 says:


Alice Brown says:

how many calories does this burn?

candy2dacane says:

You can do it!

justsomeoneumightkno says:

Lol i could only do this for 10 min

missphoebekate says:

Burn that butter! Haha love that. So much fun, I’ve lost half a stone in two weeks thanks to these work outs and eating properly :)

s1ckshit65 says:

you burn about 300 calories per hour.

nikki1100 says:

For added intensity, use some 2.5 or 5 lb free weights for each combination. I did for some and was absolutely POURING sweat. Great workout! :)

nellyparidise says:

If I keep this up how much weight am I able to lose by a month? Anyone? And thanx:-)

Ronika Jackson says:

I’m so mad she’s off air. I used to work out with her every morning on lifetime. She came on twice and I was up early for both

gintare138 says:

You cant spot- reduce your weight. But you can reduce it overal. It will reduce fat all over your body.

MsPrincessa1986 says:

I was sweating a lot. Is this workout will help me to lose belly fat? Please help me
Thank you

MegaMayank999 says:

@vpwleog yep i agree. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much I exercised my abs were still jello. Listen to this My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. have a look here ==>

ThEfAlcOn911 says:


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