Exercise TV / Start walking at home 3 miles with Leslie Sansone

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Get started walking at home with this complete workout by Leslie Sansone. Warm up followed by workout then cool down recovery ending with stretching.


Lenka S says:

This is a really great workout! I feel awesome and not tired at all!! Thank
you so much for sharing!))

fatima ezzahraa says:

OMG i just wanna now how she can keep talking __ 


Just google Fat Blast Furnace and you will discover how particular foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

Emma Angel says:

just finished this and I feel so good and awake. I’m always feeling tired
all day and I’m only 24. I’d love to know how much calories did I just
burned? Can you please tell us? I think everyone is intrested! Thank you!

Samkelisiwe Mayise says:

Thank you sooooo much for this video, it’s easy and worth it. It’s my first
time and gonna keep warking with you Leslie:)

sara belfry says:

Around how many calories can this exercise burn?

Elsa Dreyer says:

I am so unfit, could not finished, but My My My, this works, I can feel
it…..Thanx Leslie, My First day and won’t be My Last…….

Sugar Kitt says:


Kha Fico says:

awesome workout

Joane Laygo says:


BoniiGean says:

I love Leslie and I can’t believe her figure in this video! She doesn’t
look like this anymore. She always looks good though, lucky women.

Lori Woodruff says:

I;ve searched a bunch of workouts since the weather got bad in Oct., rode
my bike 5 miles 4x a week and weather stopped that. THIS IS THE BEST, MOST
ENCOURAGING AND FUN WORKOUT, I can turn up my own music and follow and it
is easy to make it harder on your own. Uncomplicated steps, nice timer to
follow, thanks for the warm up and cool down too!

Heba Alaa El-Dine says:

Woooow amazing feeling .. I’m lucky to get this video

Ramonito Barimbad says:

Great Video for teaching us here 😀 I just want to share something I
learned and I am not forcing someone to visit my blog, you can just sneak
if you want to and learn something that made my body in a shape and gain
muscle so fast. workoutstruggle.wordpress.com or
workoutstruggle.blogspot.com, thanks for reading and thanks for viewing
some tips. All the best for you guys!

Killdoomkid says:

I was sick last week and decided to do this instead of my regular workouts
since I’m still not back to 100%. I expected this to be really simple, like
a brisk walk around the track but I am really surprised by how much more
effective this workout is. She does a good job of getting the whole body
working and it feels like a great leg workout. Thank you for uploading. I
will definitely be adding this into my regular rotation. Has anyone seen
good results with it?

Katie Waller says:

Thank you! Great walk! I’ll look forward to doing this tomorrow!

Kayleigh Lyle says:

Have gradually worked my way upwards with Leslie’s videos and this one is
good, really gets the legs working if anything!!! I do this in the comfort
of my own bedroom too! Love the way she keeps you motivated throughout the
workout too :)

Kathy Young says:

I wore my waist trimmer which I bought on Amazon. I’ll explain this below

I wanted to review Leslie’s workout on youtube. A lot of people complain
that she doesn’t give you warnings in time for the next move however, it’s
just a walking video – You can’t do it wrong. You just keep doing the move
you’re doing and you join in on the next move when you are ready/prepared.
I enjoyed this workout. I like the countdown clock, it made me look
forward to the 30’s, then the 20’s and so on. When I got to the 35 minutes
mark – I could feel my body getting warm. In the second mile you
definitely speed up and it’s fun and a good workout. You shouldn’t get
upset with Leslie when she jumps in to the next move – she’s encouraging
you to move – so just keep moving and don’t worry about – sweat about it
but don’t worry about it. I do these workouts with my laptop. I set it
on a table near my front window so I can keep looking outside at the
wildlife and cars passing and/or neighbors walking – it keeps me from being
bored. This workout can be as intense as you make it. I speed up
sometimes more than she is but it’s ok because I’m still moving. When I
do the knee ups, I am constantly twisting my waist and touching my knees
with my opposite elbow. When I do the side steps, I twist my upper body at
the waist as if I’m dancing and bring my opposite elbows around to the
sides of my opposite waist. When I do the kickbacks – I squat more till I
feel it in the back of my thighs.
During the kicks, I have an exercise ball next to the laptop and I make
myself kick higher than the ball
I wore my waist trimmer which I bought on Amazon. The reason I like to
wear this when walking outside or to a dvd is, the waist trimmer makes me
sweat in places I don’t normally sweat. For instance, I don’t sweat below
the belly button – just above the panty line. This belt makes me sweat
there and just above the panty line on my back – I like that. It also
forces me to concentrate on my posture.

Tomorrow I’m going to try the beginner zumba video on Youtube

Anna Avat says:

I really like this plus my 2 year likes to do it with me

Nana Kwagyan says:

awesome workout

Lilly Dole says:

I know this may sound pathetic but in my defense I’m not fit ,but my
God I’m tired, but this was amazing

tbark says:

Most highly recommend the “Walk Away The Pounds” videos by Leslie Sansone.
As a physician, I have seen effective and lasting results that are easy to
achieve and maintain. My patients enjoy the videos and highly praise her
down to earth approach that all levels can utilize as an integral part of
their fitness plan.
Dr Carla, Key West, FL


I’m glad that more people love doing this exercise I also love it! I think
Leslie some more adds a lot of energy and enthusiasm to it she makes it fun
to do it’s a great workout never boring and I hate boring. My husband sees
me workout at home he always makes remarks saying he’s amazed . I work out
in my pajamas or in my scrubs since I’m working on or nursing home. after
doing his work out I feel better I move better it lowers my blood sugar I’m
in a better mood and I sleep much better. Thank You Leslie for doing these
I love them and I look forward to working out again

Beth Hoff says:

Just started this and it’s awesome. Best inside work out that I have had in
years. Thanks

Cinthia de Oliveira says:

Easy and Good!

Yogesh Champaneri says:

This is my 2nd day of workout with your help. Thank you

Martha Buchely says:

AWESOME…Thank u for showing me and it was a good workout. I can’t thank u
enough and ill start doing this everyday!!!

Sarah Uzumaki says:

I totally love her 😀 She motivated me, and I did all 3 miles :3 I was sure
I was going to give up at the 1st mile. Good thing I didn’t I feel great
afterward surprisingly! xD 

iman pro says:

can we do it daily or rest for 1-2 days and lost our weight with this?

78babyblue says:

Don’t miss the benefits of walking this is easy to follow and fun! get your
b*tt up and do it!

Sereen Mh says:

Finally i found a workout that’s fun thank you lezlie 

seiko1965 says:

Although I much prefer Slim in 6 , I think this lady is very nice to listen

casper12365 says:

Good job….thank you.

همسة حائرة says:

can we lost lower body wight by it ???

adelaFramework says:

just walked my 3 miles today

Sonja_Kahli says:

That was lovely. Thank you. :)

alease18 says:

she got me breaking a sweat thankgod

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