How to Get Big Biceps – IN THE HOME!! (Without Equipment!)

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How to get big biceps without equipment – Most people think that doing bodyweight workouts means that you can’t d…


Notorious Machiavelli says:

Jeff can you make a body weight arm exercise video for a guy without arms?

blackiechan52 says:

people live in poor countries and environments where they don’t have access
to professional equipment. these people give up on training because of it
but the whole point of this video and all of his workouts which i don’t get
how people are missing is that there really isn’t any excuse. u can still
get the effective workout regardless. all he’s trying to do is create
creative workouts for people who can’t go to a state of the art gym. i
don’t get what is so hard for people to grasp about that.

ATHLEAN-X™ says:

Hey Jessica…notice that you are not “pulling your leg” to do this, as
your leg is infinitely STRONGER than your arm (and will always win that
battle!) Instead, you’re using the leg to provide external resistance with
counterforce. Also, notice the knee doesn’t get torqued as the whole left
hip is elevated when curled. Finally, don’t think of this as curling your
leg since there wouldn’t be nearly enough resistance to replace that from a
barbell. It’s just using the leg as a counterforce.

legendgb1 says:

he is showing alternatives for people who doesnt have equipment or cant go
to the gym -.-

Notorious Machiavelli says:

Nice reply. Many of the people that have replied so far didn’t understand
the joke.

Scott Johnston says:

That’s quite a challenge… almost as challenging as making a comment
without a brain. But you nailed that!

Jeff Cavaliere says:

TOP 3 Biceps Exercises – DONE WITHOUT WEIGHT! (Yep…it’s possible!) Check
them out here now and share this if it helps.

moses kunshaba says:

cheers man it kinda helped

MejoreMineTutoriales says:

I do realy want to start with p4p because ALL my friends get results and
after I get them I will do both excersices

Dina Biricchina says:

i think this is awesome

Jesaya Nakuumba says:

how many reps should be done

Jesaya Nakuumba says:

thanx this help me some much

neera tron says:

this is the best video in the internet

Hector Dong says:

that helps me a lot. many thanks

Moundir M says:

man you’r a WIZARD , tnx for the video

Brendan C. says:

the bar was always working for me

Joel Hiemstra says:

he did not, he used the equipment but the video is one without equipment,
it’s a tutorial for people that may not be able to efford dumbbells and
halters etc etc

Tariq Matar AL HiLbawy says:

Great jobs man !!

Luis otero says:

Im noticing that when I work my biceps, the muscle closest tonthe elbow is
building up and tenses during work out but the middle of the bicep isnt
working as hard. Ive lifted heavy in the past and trying light weight now.
Any advice?

Tyler Donker says:

I like mike better

Tyler Donker says:

Thanks so much

NicholasWhl says:

I believe that you gonna hits on your abs from doing this exercises.

Emilio Rico says:

funny how im watching this video and eating a mchicken at the same time lol

Димитър Василев says:

You are missing the point here..



raoul hayes says:

This actually DOES induce a mad pump!

makethemgainss says:

7:17 them lats tho

ahmad alibin says:

For your next video, you should teach us how you think of all these

Darwyn Williams says:

Thanks Big Guy… you always give this old man some really good ideas which
I use all the time and in concert with my normal workouts!! Good stuff

Siddharth Jain says:

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BattleforgePlayer says:

hey should i do this until failure?

dayboyy24 says:

how do you do the doorway one?? i couldnt see his hand lol

hasslerism says:

I sprained my foot …!!!

jessica estenes says:

I think this is odd to pull ur leg up and can hurt ur leg

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