Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1

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Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown Level 1 is designed to sculpt muscle, burn fat, and tone your entire body fast! Begin with a gentle vinyasa, then kick up the intensity with a series of yoga poses combined with Jillian’s signature exercises that focus on flow and form to build core strength and enhance results. Finally, stretch out and maximize your efforts with a muscle-soothing cool down. Join America’s Toughest Trainer, Jillian Michaels in this effective total-body toning workout that will transform your body and get you rock-hard results! Click Here for more Jillian Workouts! bit.ly This workout is from Jillian Michaels DVD “Yoga Meltdown”. For full selection of great workouts like this one, visit the BeFit Channel on YouTube: www.youtube.com Check us out on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter at: www.twitter.com Check us out on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com

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Jeffrey Campbell says:

wow I almost died from this.

JonChow94 says:

o – o jesus i think i died a bit… this is the hardest work out ever!

AaronCarterRocks says:

I want to spread her legs and fuck her raw

nishifrancis says:

Wow, I can work out for 90 mins but this was challenging. The motion in positions are challenging for me not the flexibility. Would do it over and over till I get in sync. Can anyone please give me Melt Down 2 of this series?

lubarango says:

i didnt manage the whole thing but this is a great mix for sure you tone your a with it!

Николай Деревенский says:


Shannon Lashley says:

thank you!! she never said this was pure yoga, she said its a work out with yoga moves infused. People need to calm down.

richardpasmith says:

Amazing video!  Very motivational. For anyone inspired to lose weight, you can download a FREE ebook on weight-loss secrets at dietwithoutpain. com.

GwenythSpencer says:

i love this video it is so cool i love to do it and i love your moves

IrinkaYoga says:

why is this called yoga? but awesome workout :)

bigpapa922 says:


Mariah Jackson says:

damn look at those arms. how can I not be intimidated?

sarahbransom says:

anyone know how long you do this before going onto level 2? :) thanks! just about to start this :)

gli1193 says:

such a useful video n_n
nexxxttttt >>

3derevo3 says:

please don’t call this yoga. Might as well call this “church bake sale”.

Shell Stenger says:

I feel so good after I do it.  Thanks. Namaste : )

astro12ify says:

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احمد ابو ملك says:

الرياضة حلوة

malkooth says:

Cause pussy and yoga go together. Then the money rolls in.

violetroselily66 says:

Love this! :) :) Hi everyone, If you’re interested, I just started a health blog based on my weight loss journey. it’s called allmyfriendsaremodels at blogspot .com thank you!

TheKarveanjoo says:

This is a combination of yoga, and I loved it.

reiyalol says:

no es yoga o si es muy duro! uf!!

lagravitax says:

yoga or not, this workout made me feel grrrrrrreat :D

musicwithart says:

I am one of the most unfit people I know. This was really hard. I got to side planks. Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! :(

AlexaSmy says:

hey thank you doll!

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