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Fitness Unlimited’s Bettzy teaches the hot, new ZUMBA! Zumba is a high impact dance exercise created for people that want to JOIN THE PARTY AND DITCH THE WORKOUT. See our website for more details.. Fitness Unlimited 16836 Devonshire St. Granada Hills, Ca 91344 (818) 368-8140 FitUnlt.com Facebook.com/FitUnlt


emily higgins says:

i love this routine looks great fun :)

lironess says:

OMG that looks FUN!!!

DrZiggyzoo1 says:

I’d need a beer after doing that shit!

bbyinfante11 says:

The Lady in the green is AWESOME!!! ZZZZUMBAAAA!.!

divinagurl1994 says:

Love it can someone tell me who sings this and the song please :)

Mysweetcocolove says:

The lady in green really inspired me, she’s great!!!

susi8930able says:

The Lady in the green is great!!!!

Zunaira Kanwal says:

hey wat song is this? in the background

AmInLoveWithJerry says:

the lady in green is so fat xD

dmchez says:

10% off ZUMBA WEAR orders from Zumba.com! : Enter zwear4less at checkout
Peace Love Zumba!

ebonylashawn93 says:

the lady in the green is motivation to me, i heard people say zumba worked for their weight loss i don’t have the money to get a membership to go to a zumba class where i live so i’m going to do this at home along with cardio workout.

ebonylashawn93 says:

i know right.

lizsunseri says:

Great job to all the ladies! I have the name of the song: “Mami” by A.B. Quintanilla lll y Los Kumbia Al Starz.

TheGenesisarcanum says:

LOL,i was thimking to coment the same thing after watching this video :) yeah shes a total sweetheart and i hope she will achieve her goals :)

Alysaruelas says:

The lady in the green is motivational. she proves anyone can do it. And she hung thru the end.

iSashaa says:

the lady in green is so demotivational . . .

freshxkidd7 says:

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sabeautifuls says:

It’s good to know that there are still some great people in the world, I love the comments! I enjoyed the vid:-)

sabeautifuls says:

@flamboyant beauty, I totally agree!! I was thinking the same thing.:-)

klarysselima says:

é o exercicio mais gostoso de faser

Shaun Blessed says:

I am so proud of the lady in the green!!!! She made me even more motivated!

auntyvashty says:

If any one gas anyding bad to say about the lady in green den day have no life becuz at least she’s tryin to loose weight well u others are sittin around doin nuthin

gramnet says:

love the lady in green. I bet she as fit as instructor now.

BailandoLee says:

Instructor” you are really good, lots of “attitude” and spunk! Nice moves.

prettyoungsis521 says:

They all did well! Lady in he green kept up! Good job y’all!

SamuelT108 says:

Whats the name of this song pleas

Strawberrystache says:

My mom used to look like the lady in green a few years back, but she started dancing to any kind of fast music that would come on the radio and she lost like 250 pounds. Dancing away the pounds really does work. Good luck to the beautiful lady in green :)

nadim hasan says:

Sup, have you seen this thing called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My father says it helps people burn fat. Thoughts?

AgnieszkaLublin says:

ja tez :)

SangerZonvolt says:

Well, it´s better to start with something fun then never start at all. BTW runnign with so much weight can be bad for you knees so maybe it´s better to start this way.

manupopo1 says:

Big ups to the Mamas in the back in green!! You put us to shame who dont want to work out.. Go Mamas!!!

kiniaa1234 says:

Zajebista! Oglądam ten filmik 10000 razy i napatrzeć się nie mogę.;)

Jeny Kutty says:

I think the singers are the Kumbia Kings… Not sure on the title.. Try “arribos Los manos”

elpibitovk says:

Soy fan de la de verde!

fiorrael says:

what’s the name of the song?

fiorrael says:

Great routine. Really love it!

draw69 says:

you’re great!

newbrunswicker12 says:

oh shoot i caught myself moving to the music lmao awks I’m in a public library :$

charleroy1 says:


Chulanchulo1 says:

omg I love this rutine n I am so proud of the lady in geen much love to u and u have just inspired me to do zumba thank u so much

blackcat445577 says:

The Zumba I did today was not all that fast but I was never taught a single thing about Zumba only from what I seen from youtube and I managed to keep up with everyone else and I done will I just watched the teacher and followed my lungs is not used to it but I just quit smoking so when they heal I will be able to handle this a little better then I did today but for a first timer I done well I love Zumba

MyKingluca says:

The lady in green is wowww!!!!!

toyotaprius100 says:

Can i please have the name of this song to this

celticlady60 says:

This is so sad… the ” leader” needs lessons in Zumba…come to E Tx… we will Show her the REAL thing!!

angillis1128 says:

Beautiful lady in green is rockin it!!! <3

nabilasabha20 says:

Love that choreo and the fun you give to all the students!!! Cool!

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